Comics production of 2015-2017

I didn’t count my production since December 26th 2014, so here it is for the last three years. I felt like I didn’t draw anything at all except Sweet Peas, because of too much other shit to do, depression, and unfavourable living environments.

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 27th 2014:

Hourly Comics Day 2015, 6/11
(The page where I’m naked in the shower is the 1000th comics page I have drawn!! Yay!!! V^(oo)^V)
Piggy after the Apocalypse, 1/3
(I wrote one full script and one revised partial script, and drew one page, then I didn’t like it that much and part of it merged into Sweet Peas. But one fun thing about this comic was that the setting was Berlin but I changed all the place names and street names into piggy related names. Berlin -> Eberlin, Schönhauser Allee -> Schönsauer Allee, etc. …)
Driftwood alternate ending/Gateshead Alternative Universe, 9/29
Untitled ‘Aeron’s first girlfriend’ flashback story, 5/15
(I didn’t think it was original or funny enough to ever publish … until now, but only in Swedish, because while it’s funnier than I remembered, it’s still not good enough for me to bother translating it!)
– Cerebus cover for the 2015 Bilderberg zine, 1/5 (see below)
Hourly Comics Day 2016, 8/19
Black Dog On My Shoulder, 1/1 (see below)
Sweet Peas/Sockerärter, 73/179
Warmup piggy comics, 2/8
Garfield cover for the 2016 Bilderberg zine, 1/1 (see below)
– Blue dress diary comic fragment, 1/3 (see below)
– Period diary comic fragment, 1/3 (see below)
Christmas in Friedrichshain, 25/62
Hourly Comics Day 2017, 11/33
– Snigelvännens trädgårdstips, 2/6 (published in Serienördens trädgårdsbok)
Inktober 2017, 8/8

I’m pretty sure there were some more sketchy comics and one-panel-drawings, because I have more sketchbooks and stashes of drawings in my trailer, but probably nothing too significant.



(All-time total as of today: 1150/5092)

It’s not terribly much but it’s more than I thought. :<

I also wrote several finished scripts during these years, for short story and “graphic novel” length comics, but I didn’t have the discipline or faith in them to make them into comics. In some cases I might still return to them …

* * *

My Cerebus and Garfield covers for the Bilderberg zines in 2015 and 2016. The Garfield one was based on the title panel of this strip, an old favourite from my childhood …

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Comics production of 2014

Usually I do this on December 9th, but I totally forgot about that this year. Not that it would have made any difference if I’d have done it then vs. now, since I haven’t been drawing anything in the meantime …

I predict that my comics production this year was abysmally low. Let’s see exactly how abysmally low:

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2013:

Insomnia: 1/2
– Dog Island page 19: 1/6
– The Slow and the Relentless (from page 30): 24/70
– Hourly Comics Day comic: 13/30
Five Years Sometimes With You: 2/13
China White: 2/20
Hotness: 1/1
Pärämäts: 2/7
Desolate piggy in a melancholy landscape: 2/4
Depression diary comic: 1/3
With comrade X and comrade S, as piggies: 1/4
Sweet Peas sample pages: 3/9
– Why I almost never buy any clothes, ever: 2/6 (stupid scribble comic, see below)



(All-time total as of today: 995/4706)

Okay, it wasn’t quite as bad as it felt, yet I drew much more in the first half of the year than in the last. But maybe that’s a common pattern in my production – autumn and winter tend to be depressing and elsewhere busy downtimes, while in spring and summer I’m much more productive.

I’m really frustrated about all the unfinished projects, and maybe someday I will get my act together and finish or continue them.

Also, I’ve almost hit 1000 in the total number of pages I’ve drawn! Maybe I should do something special for the 1000th page?!!

* * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *

Bonus comic that I never posted before, because it was too stupid – Why I almost never buy any clothes, ever:

… because it’s a constant battle between the “badass/plain” tendency and the “weird/quirky” tendency, and in the end I usually just don’t indulge either of them. :<

Comics production of 2013 assessed

Every year on December 9th I tally how much comics I have drawn in the past year (because I’m crazy that way). In 2013 I felt like I drew very little comics. Was my impression correct?

I only count finished pages, so while I have several pages that are only sketched at this stage and will be inked or watercoloured later, I won’t include them. I’ve included one-panel gag drawings before, so I guess I’ll include them now, too.

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2012:

Dog Island pages 13-18: 6/31
Hourly Comics Day comic: 16/45
Springtime on the Subway: 1/1
SHu SHu SHu SHu: 1/1
Electric Tsunamis: 47/139 (Based on the printed zine edition. I could be evil and count each screen of the e-book version, including all the screens with just one word on them, haha, which would make it 213/213 …)
How to make sawing wood a more appealing chore: 1/1
Last night at Netto: 1/1
Lovely, Lovely Hair: 4/15
Spirit animals: 1/2
Post-apocalyptic piggy comic: 1/3 (lol)
The Slow and the Relentless: 29/86 (at the time of writing still unfinished ’24h’ comic …)



(All-time total as of today: 939/4527)

“The kholy shit!”, as Tonya in The Slow and the Relentless would say. I felt like I barely drew any comics at all, but in fact I drew a pretty good amount of pages compared to the last couple of years. In 2012 I drew 111 pages, in 2011 – 102, in 2010 – 87!

It was just more concentrated in isolated bursts of productivity mainly on low-intensity comics (comics in smaller/weird formats and the hourly and 24h comics), with long periods of writer’s block and anguish over the bigger comics projects in between. This is also reflected in how the panel ratio has hit an all-time low this year, with just a 3.01 panels per page average.


Comics production of 2012 assessed

So every year on December 9th I count how many pages and panels of comics I have drawn. This past year I wasn’t even counting as I went, or trying to achieve any specific goal, but I actually managed a few more pages than last year …

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2011:

Driftwood chapter 9 (from page 30): 29/190
Driftwood epilogue: 3/7
Driftwood deleted scenes: 4/34
Her 18th Birthday: 20/110
Hourly Comics Day 2012: 12/23
Dog Island:  13/81
Daydreams: 1/4
My garden and some of those I share it with (this year’s 24 h comic, which I finished just hours ago): 29/102


111 pages / 551 panels

(All-time total as of today: 831 / 4202)

Last year I drew a bit less – 102 pages and 471 panels. The panels per page ratio also rose a bit now, from an average of 4,6 panels per page last year, to an average of 4,96 panels per page – practically as high as it was in July 2007–December 2009, back when I didn’t draw (smaller-format) 24 hour comics and hourly comics every year yet.


In July 2007 I counted how many pages and panels of comics I had drawn in my life. In December 2009 I counted how much I had drawn since then, and pledged to double my yearly average and draw 87 pages until the next December 9th. One year ago I pledged to double that average again and draw 174 pages …

How did it go?!

(Click here to find out …)


In July 2007 I counted how many pages and panels of comics I had drawn in my life. In December 2009 I counted how much I had drawn since then, and pledged to double my yearly average and draw 87 pages until the next December 9th.

(I’m a couple of days late with the last page and the assessment, because my mum came to visit for a week and I could barely draw anything while she was here.)

Number of pages and panels I have drawn since December 9th 2009:

Driftwood ch. 7 (from page 25): 17/92
Driftwood ch. 8:  29/192
International Women’s Day: 1/1
Russian Names: 2/13
On the Swedish child pornography laws: 1/1
White Nights: 25/54

Hourly comic day comic: 10/23

This Is My Home: 2/10


87 pages / 386 panels

(All-time total as of today: 618 / 3180)

In July 2007–December 2009 I drew by average 43,6 pages and 217,2 panels a year. Now I’ve indeed doubled the yearly average of pages, but not quite regarding panels, probably because I’ve only drawn hourly comics and 24 h comics, both of which tend to have less panels per page due to their quick nature, since 2009.

Okay, let’s face it — 87 pages a year is still really lame. I could get away with just one page a week most of the time. I can do much better than that! (Especially now that I live alone again, at last.)
Sooo … until December 9th 2011, let’s double it again and draw 174 pages of comics!!!


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