Driftwood chapter 9, page 54 - deleted scenes

I had an extremely tight deadline for finishing this chapter in time for the release of the Swedish book, so I had to edit out all but the most essential scenes. I do that normally, too, because my brain just totally spills over with fun but silly or stupid scenes and dialogues, but here I had to be even stricter than usually. The scenes in this particular page were the most heavily edited. 

Later I decided to include a longer kitchen scene, after all, for the English book publication and for the webcomic. The scenes below in Willie's room, on the other hand, I wouldn't have included even with all the time and space in the world, but they are funny and cute so I sketched them out anyway. :3

(Actually she's supposed to have all her books in alphabetical order, but somehow my brain lapsed and thought the name of the author of Ishmael was David Brin, not Daniel Quinn ... O_o ... David Brin is an SF writer whose works I haven't read, but they might actually have some commonalities with the philosophy in Ishmael.)

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