Q: When is this comic updated?

A: Right now it updates irregularly, whenever there’s a new page! (If you support me on patreon you get to read the new pages about one week earlier, fresh off the scanner. And you help me rely less on dreary day jobs and have less existential anxiety so I have more time for working on the comic. ^^)

Q: Why was there a six years long hiatus? :(

A: For several different reasons I was blocked for about six years … I was upset about some more famous artist plagiarising my work, so I felt rather like drawing in a completely different style (watercolour piggy comics!). And an infamous ex-publisher tried to sue me (and failed lol — if you, too, have any problems like that, get in touch with a union!). Also I felt that I needed some more practical research/life experience to do the story justice; maybe true, maybe not, but in any case, here I am six years wiser.

Q: So this is actually the sequel of some other comic? Where can I read that?

A: The prequel is called Driftwood, and you can read it online right here.

Q: Can I get these comics printed on paper?

A: Yes, you certainly can — order the books you want by email here, or get them at some festival or convention where I might show up (see the blog or my instagram¬†for news about that).

Q: Who draws these comics?

A: My name is Tinet and my main interests in life are comics, piggies, doggies, gardening and social revolution.

An Elmgren on Elm Street

Q: Why don’t you use rulers when you draw?

A: I’m an anarchist so I’m against all rulers.