The Story

The 24th century is a depressing time. Nuclear power is still the most common energy source, and the carelessness of the human beings has led to contamination with radiation of practically the whole earth. Now, the United States of America have initialised an evacuation programme to Mars. But there is one feature in this programme that the recently resurrected Soviet Union cannot accept: no citizen of countries with communist governments - and no one else, for that matter, who can't pay for it and isn't a US citizen - is allowed on Mars. Since parliamentary methods are no use on the US hyper-nation, which controls 85% of the earth core, the Soviets must resort to guerilla tactics.

About 24 years earlier, in a pig-sty somewhere in Kasakhstan, yet another mutated piglet was born. But this one was special: it was built like a human, and possessed super-human intelligence. Soon it was taken care of by the KGB, and in their test laboratories the piglet's extraordinary talents for space travel were soon discovered ...


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Kozmopig part 1
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[Black Pig Comics Story & Art by Tinet Elmgren, 2001]