Here it is – the 240 page luxury hardcover book collecting all the hard boiled short stories about Eva’s everyday work and leisure in the black glass streets of her city, drenched with blood and washed with rain. Many of them never before published in English, or only in very crappy English.

The book contains all the Eva stories so far:

  • Asphalt Mirrors, Lead Lips, Odd Tuesday, Glass Rain, Flashback! Postman Blues, She’s a Killing Machine, Asbestos Hearts, Electric Tsunamis

… and many sketches and illustrations!

Get your copy in my gumroad store!

There was plenty of drama with the printing of this book. At first I received a full edition of books with misprinted covers – I’d ordered shiny varnish for parts of the front cover, but the printers had printed the varnish as colour (100% magenta lol).

It turned out they had changed their printing process just when I placed my order, and don’t offer varnish on hardcover books with round spines anymore. That partly explains the misprint, though they should have noticed. They took responsibility for the error and printed a full edition of corrected books free of charge, without arguing, which was very nice of them.

HOWEVER, it means that now I have a huge amount of boxes full of books that I don’t actually have storage space for!

I live in a tiny apartment with no basement or anything. I’d calculated carefully how many books I could fit in the storage I have under my bed (2 cubic meters already almost full of books and zines) and ordered accordingly. But now I have twice the amount! (I also have claustrophobia, lmao, so it stresses me a bit more than the average person to have boxes all over the place …)

So please help me lol and buy lots of books from me!!! T^T
(Especially Eva books and Driftwood books, which take up the most space in my storage and will look absolutely stunning in your book shelf ^^)
I’m selling the misprinted Eva copies for extra cheap/”choose your own price”.

The two versions only have different covers. It’s kind of difficult to capture in photos, but the magenta colour on the cover really is smash bang full on 100% magenta, partly overlaid on red and black.

Also, the text on the back cover of the misprinted book is not centered (I was able to fix that thanks to the misprint!).

I’m donating copies to libraries across Germany, and also putting some in “free cupboards”/”free libraries” in select locations (eastern Germany only – unless you live somewhere else and would like me to send you a few books to give away? let me know!).

I’m aware that there are used book peddlers grabbing books from some of these locations. So if you should find one of these misprinted copies sold for money by someone other than me or a comics store, you’ll know where it probably came from, but also those guys are just trying to make a living in this harsh world.

In any case, the books are really beautiful. I’m very happy with the round spine hard covers and the nice thick creamy paper inside ♥


Recently I finished this sketchbook, with its slightly questionable cover:

Here are some previously unpublished sketches from that book! V^(oo)^V

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China White

A while ago I threatened to make “more serious” comics in watercolours. That’s what I’m doing right now!

I made some disastrous colouring mistakes with the first page and had to edit it a lot in Photoshop afterwards.
Just in time after I’d half destroyed it, I remembered one of Joann Sfar’s musings about watercolours – something like that you shouldn’t try use “natural”/”realistic” colours. And I figured that green can basically go fuck itself …

Adhering to that, the second page was even more fun and I’m quite pleased with how it came out. :3

(You can read the first two pages here behind the cut!)


Eva får ett ovanligt uppdrag, och det visar sig vara svårare än hon trodde …

Enligt förlaget är Elektrisk Tsunami den första svenska serienovellen som är specialtecknad och optimerad för smartphoneläsning – men det kan väl ändå inte stämma?! (Den fungerar förstås utmärkt att läsa på alla andra tänkbara e-boksläsare och datorer också.)

Vad som är säkert är att det i denna serie på c:a 150 rutor bjuds på desolata storstadsvyer, antika bilar, lite action och gott om ögongodis … :3

Elektrisk Tsunami är i det digitala bokformatet EPUBHär finns en lista på program för olika e-boksläsare, smartphones och annat, med vilka man kan läsa den.
Jag håller med listan om att för Android är det Aldiko som är det allra bästa alternativet. (Kryssa i så fall inte i “Advanced formatting” i inställningarna.)

För desktop (vanlig dator :op) rekommenderar jag varmt en extension som finns till Firefox: EPUBReader. Med den får du bästa möjliga läsupplevelse oavsett om du har Windows, Mac, Linux eller något ännu coolare – så länge du har en Firefox-webbläsare förstås. Ha bara inte Firefoxfönstret i fullskärm när du läser, utan lagom stort så att bilderna och texterna visas på separata sidor.

För mindre än en tjuga får du veta hur det går! Vad väntar du på? Köp och ladda ner den till exempel här hos ebokshandeln Dito! Eller ännu billigare hos t.ex. Elgiganten


In one of the women’s toilet booths at Badehaus:

What I think happened there:

* * *

(Shu is from the comics about Eva …)


Many people assume that I’ve been inspired by rape-revenge movies in my comics about Eva. As a matter of fact I had hardly seen any such films when I drew these comics.

But some of them seem like good fun, so I looked a bit closer at the genre in an article for the new blog of my publisher Epix. Read it here (in Swedish)

Screencap from the film Thriller – A Cruel Picture, at which I take a closer look in the article.

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