Posters och vykort :3

Omslaget till Drivgods-boken blev ju så jävla snyggt, så jag kände mig tvungen att trycka lite vykort och posters med det.

Vykort – med runda kanter!! V*(oo)*V

Sen tryckte jag posters på linduk. Det är snyggt och håller mycket bättre än papper. Om man för ett nomadiskt leverne som jag uppskattar man att man helt enkelt kan rulla upp dem och inte behöver oroa sig för att de ska skrynklas eller plattas ihop i packningen.

Om man inte för ett nomadiskt leverne kan man även spänna upp dem på en kilram (30 x 40 cm).

Jag gjorde tre av varje motiv, så det är med andra ord en extremt limiterad upplaga!


The fruits of my hard work!

Building the fence yesterday was a really nice little “vacation”. Looking back at January, February and March up until now, I didn’t do much else than working my ass off in a haze of coffee, Club Mate and cheap frozen pizza, drowning out my silly panicking brain with Ursula K. LeGuin audiobooks.

(Cheap frozen pizza, blown out lightbulbs, budgie food, oatmeal and Club Mate bottles = Tinet’s January-March 2012)

Towards the end I had like mental breakdowns every night, but I did finish it, and I don’t think it’s bad or too rushed at all. V^(oo)^V After this experience I know for sure that I can trust my creative spirit, if I just shut up and do as it says.

So, the Swedish Driftwood book is at the printers now, and will be out at the end of April. I’ll be signing it at the comics market at Stockholm International Comics Festival, April 28th-29th. (An English edition will follow in the summer.)

The final chapter of Driftwood will also be published in #10 of my photocopied zine Tunguska, for those who have all the previous zines and might feel cheated if they had to buy the whole book just to read the last chapter. It will be a big fat zine with some behind the scenes stuff and other nice things.

Maybe I’ll also make posters of the cover and back cover of the book, because it’s so nice. :3

* * *

Another book that will be out at Stockholm Comics Festival, and which I’ve also worked hard for, is the erotic comics anthology Swedish Comic Sin! I’ve contributed a story to it, which I’ve posted some previews of here already.

It’s a total indie publication, so all contributing artists pay together for the printing cost and sell copies of it themselves. I’ll sell and sign copies of it in Stockholm and other upcoming festivals, and you can of course order it from me (details on the store page).

Back from SPX

I just finished a deadly deadline, so it took some time before I could return to the finer things in life, such as actually posting something on this blog. (Other finer things I shall soon return to: drawing comics and also my home and garden.)

But anyway — Stockholm SPX11!

I’ve written a long report in Swedish with lots of photos on the Epix blog. Here is a short report in English with less photos:

Elmgren table with a bit of Katin on the side

Tunguska #9 sold quite nicely. It actually brought in more money than the Eva book — maybe because the Eva book was just so 2009/2010.

I’d had nightmares not only about forgetting to bring my zines to SPX, but also of people accusing me of being a paedophile :3, but actually none of those scenarios came true! There was just one guy who came by and said he’d seen my pedoporn drawings and was surprised that I’m a girl and not a guy. Oookay …

I had also been worried that no one would want the free retired Eva zines that I gave out, but they all disappeared long before Saturday / Free Comic Book Day was over. Whee!

Horst, Tinet and Ainur

I shared my tables with Epix/Horst Schröder and Ainur with Goldenbird, and Ilan brought along a Hungarian publication of his mum’s work, and also a zine of his own!

The Tagtool live drawing event that I organized with Ilan went quite well. There are lots of photos on the live drawing blog. I had to jump in when somebody got ill, so I also got to tagtool a bit at SPX. Here is a screenshot of what I drew …

Tinet Elmgren

I hope to soon be just like the piggy, riding my bike home through the nightly countryside. V^(oo)^V

Preparing for SPX11 …

Today I arrived in Stockholm. Soon SPX11 will be upon us! I will be at the tables 64-65 — check out the map (pdf)!

I am very happy to announce that I did indeed finish Tunguska #9 in time for this. I worked for it day and night, cancelling or postponing jobs, sleeping 5 hours or less per night, overdosing on coffee.
Because I knew that if I did not finish it in time, my existence would be totally pointless. V`(oo)´V

I’m probably just in some kind of bubble of hubris right now, but I am a bit bewildered at what the hell Driftwood chapter 8 is. It’s even worse in the Swedish version. There is no other comic like it. :o/

Anyway, I’ll also have some back issues of Tunguska, and I’ll of course be signing Eva books. I’ll try to get both red and blue acrylic paint this time. :op

Saturday happens to be Free Comic Book Day. I still have a bunch of these two zines with two of Eva’s adventures. Since then they have all been collected in the big book with all her other adventures, so these zines are kind of pointless.
SO: I’ll be giving them away for FREE on Saturday. First come, first serve, baby …

I’ve also contributed a comic to the anthology Comics Against Racism, which will be released at SPX. :o)

On Sunday I will be joined by Ainur, who will have some Goldenbird zines with her! She also participated in the erotic comics anthology Swedish Comic Sin 2, with probably the most epic erotic comic involving Soviet people and doggies (no, the doggies are not part of the erotic action … :3).

I’ll also be sharing my table with my publisher Epix, as usual. This spring has been strangely productive for Epix’s printers, and there is a huge bunch of new books that have come out. Check them out here.

All of those books actually deserve special mention, but EXTRA special mention is deserved by Miriam Katin and the Swedish edition of We Are On Our Own:

Miriam’s son Ilan will be at SPX, on one hand representing his mum, standing around looking proud and telling anecdotes about Miriam and her mother, and on the other hand he’ll be doing a live drawing event with some of Sweden’s most enthusiastic comic book artists.

Bottom line: SPX11 will be EPIC on so many levels.

Штурмовщина on SPX11

Stockholm Small Press Expo is coming soon! It’s my most favourite comics festival in the world, because it has been growing with me, always being just the right size, and because of all the wonderful people involved – artists, publishers, enthusiasts and fans.

In a haze of coffee I am hurrying to finish Tunguska #9 in time for the festival. Last night and today I made the cover:

I’m also arranging a live drawing event at SPX together with Ilan, bringing live drawing with colours and animation capabilities to the Swedish comics scene. :3 More about that later …

Tinet’s festival schedule spring 2011

April 9th-10th I will be at the little Comics festival Tampere kuplii in Tampere, Finland. It happened to coincide with my mother and sister luring me into Finland again. I won’t be selling or exhibiting or anything, just hanging out. But I will probably whip up some comic books in English or even Finnish (o_O) for the occasion, to barter with or to force upon random Finns. (Hmm …?)
Here’s the facebook event of the festival.

May 7th-8th I will as always be at SPX11 in Stockholm, Sweden! Tunguska #9 will be out in time for that … There are some quick facts about the festival here (only in Swedish so far). They’ve scheduled SPX to coincide with Free Comic Book Day this year, so I suppose I’ll make some little free comic book to give away, too.

Comics against racism

I’m one of 37 artists whose works make up a Swedish anthology of comics against racism. It’s a great initiative by four students at the comics school in Malmö.

The book will be released at SPX11 in Stockholm, May 6th-8th!

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