Last night at Netto …

“… Suddenly, three hot & hairy antifa punk looking Spanish guys enter Netto!!”
(Tinet:) “It’s ALWAYS like this!!! ALWAYS when I buy toilet paper, there are HOT GUYS ALL OVER the supermarket!!!”

Greetings from my little garden

Some weeks ago, this went down inside my head:

Slutty glasses

I only have solar power, and since it has been an exceptionally rainy summer, it doesn’t usually last me very long if I have to run Windows and heavy Adobe software for work. So I go to town and work at a cafe. The best place I have found for that so far is St. Oberholz – they have comfortable chairs and tables for working, lots of electric sockets, wifi, no waiters who come and interrupt you or make you uncomfortable for sitting there all day, and it’s big enough to get lost in the crowd. And almost everybody else also brings their laptop (95% are fruit computers, though) … and almost everybody else is a hipster.

So unless I can drown out the surroundings with my own music in headphones, I have to endure overhearing conversations like this …

(Click for full size)


Remember the autobiographical comic about racism that I mentioned that I feverishly drew once when I had PMS last year?

I’m posting it here anyway, even though, looking back now, I’m really ashamed of how I behaved in that situation.

Read it!

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