A SmarmyClothes dress in fabric designed by me

SmarmyClothes is a one-woman operation of unique, hand made clothes. I randomly came across this dress on their Tumblr, browsing Tumblr for the tag “boar” (as I so often do) … V^(oo)^V

It’s really nice and inspiring/frustrating to see my fabric put into action like this. Why haven’t I myself made any clothes and other things with my fabrics?!

New fabric design: МОЛОКО

A fabric with those classic Soviet sweetened condensed milk cans. It’s the best thing to eat with pancakes.

Condensed milk can fabric

This is the first Spoonflower fabric I have made that has really good blue colours.

Here you can order it on Spoonflower – the colours don’t look so good on their site, but they print pretty much like in the photo above (depending on screen calibration). Order a test swatch first if you want to be sure.

Here is the original can on which I based the design (the light blue is a bit off in this photo):

It’s a bit rusty because it has been standing for many years in my bathroom, holding q-tips.

By the way, this classic 1960’s Soviet design is not copyright or trademark protected, and is freely replicated by hundreds of companies in many different countries that make this type of condensed milk. Basically it wouldn’t be condensed milk if the can didn’t have this design. :o)

New fabrics from TungusTkan’

Eggplant is the new colour scheme for the Eva fabric. I reconstructed the design after having lost it when my computer fell in a coma.

The puppachutes and flying piggies from my video collaboration with Ilan were too good to not make into a fabric.

The pastoral piggy toile that I made for a weekly Spoonflower contest is now available for purchase.

This design in three different colours is based on Scythian petroglyphs of wild boars at the kurgan in Arzhan, Tuva, Russian Federation, dating from the 8th to 6th century B.C.

For an overview of all the TungusTkan’ fabrics so far, you can visit my Spoonflower profile or the Loot page.

Boar balloon shade!

Sara wrote to me and showed me the kick-ass balloon shade she has sewn for her lovely bathroom with my boar fabric:

It looks really nice. :o)

My piggy toile fabric is in the weekly Spoonflower contest …

I don’t usually participate in these contests, but when the subject “Toile de Jouy” came up, a piggy toile just had to be made. And I knew it was all up to me.

You can cast your vote in the contest here.

There are lots of other very nice entries to the contest, and you can vote for as many as you like. Whee! There are no other piggy toiles in the contest, but there is a Cthulhu toile and a giant flying squirrell attack toile, as well as a couple of nice doggie toiles.

Boar pillows in Denver, CO

These photos were kindly sent to me by Lisa in Denver, Colorado in the Park Hill neigbourhood, who made a bunch of very nice pillows with my boar fabric. Lisa has a pretty cool living room:

It’s really fun to see the fabric in action! I myself haven’t made anything with it yet, because I don’t have a sewing machine. I’ve been saving it for when I’ll visit my mum over the holidays, because she has two sewing machines … ;o)


Sunset over Manhattan

So I’m in New York now, and will continue to be so until the end of the month. Ilan is doing his annual visiting of family and friends, and I just tagged along.

What I’ve been up to:

* Working my ass off with my day jobs as usual
* Forcing Ilan to show me around interesting neighbourhoods
* Seeing Ilan and his band perform a few times
* Answering the question “So how do you like New York?” about five million times
* Eaten lots of very, very good food

Piggy street art!

Piggy street art in Williamsburg!

Pomeranian gazing at Williamsburg Bridge

The doggies here are on average much smaller than in Berlin.

Corner of Washington Avenue


Stairs up to an abandoned house, one of three or four in a row.

Closed up store


There were lots of doggies in this room!

There were lots of doggies in this room! Maybe it’s some kind of doggie day care center?

Ilan in New York

My plan here was actually to force Ilan to take me to the exact place where the main part of this video was filmed, but there is construction going on there right now, and you can’t access it. This is as close as we got!

Brooklyn Bridge

There are many more photos on my Flickr.

As for my comics, you might have guessed that I’m in a rather wretched period right now. It has happened to me several times before, and quite often around this very time of the year. I just know that one day I will wake up and know exactly what I need to do next in Driftwood. Until then I will just have to suffer …

But in the meantime I’ve designed some more fabrics for Spoonflower. I made a new boar variation and a fabric with Eva(!). Sneak peeks below:

I made three different colour schemes for the Eva fabric. But we shall see how they look in print.

Some people have actually bought my boar fabrics. Whee!

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