Apparently Eva is best of Sweden 2009? (One of them.)

I was reading Åsa Ekström’s blog (hoping in vain to read something about the fabric designs she has made for Ikea[!]), and there she mentioned that her book Sayonara September was included in Paul Gravett’s “PG Tips No. 27: The Best Of 2009 Part 1: An International Perspective“. Was I ever suprised when I came to the very bottom of the page.

Well, apparently it fits a trend that Fredrik Strömberg (who made the selection) had observed. (Oh noes, I have been categorized! Maybe I should change my sex?)

Also, Dagens Nyheter, one of the biggest Swedish newspapers (in fact the only Swedish paper I read on a regular basis, because it has the Rocky comic), recently published a review of the Eva book. My publisher Horst said that I have now officially kicked Daniel Clowes’ ass, because not only has Eva sold a fair lot of more copies than A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron that Epix published recently, but also DN never wrote anything about his books, not even Ghost World. (But of course it would probably be quite different if Clowes was Swedish …)


Sunset over Manhattan

So I’m in New York now, and will continue to be so until the end of the month. Ilan is doing his annual visiting of family and friends, and I just tagged along.

What I’ve been up to:

* Working my ass off with my day jobs as usual
* Forcing Ilan to show me around interesting neighbourhoods
* Seeing Ilan and his band perform a few times
* Answering the question “So how do you like New York?” about five million times
* Eaten lots of very, very good food

Piggy street art!

Piggy street art in Williamsburg!

Pomeranian gazing at Williamsburg Bridge

The doggies here are on average much smaller than in Berlin.

Corner of Washington Avenue


Stairs up to an abandoned house, one of three or four in a row.

Closed up store


There were lots of doggies in this room!

There were lots of doggies in this room! Maybe it’s some kind of doggie day care center?

Ilan in New York

My plan here was actually to force Ilan to take me to the exact place where the main part of this video was filmed, but there is construction going on there right now, and you can’t access it. This is as close as we got!

Brooklyn Bridge

There are many more photos on my Flickr.

As for my comics, you might have guessed that I’m in a rather wretched period right now. It has happened to me several times before, and quite often around this very time of the year. I just know that one day I will wake up and know exactly what I need to do next in Driftwood. Until then I will just have to suffer …

But in the meantime I’ve designed some more fabrics for Spoonflower. I made a new boar variation and a fabric with Eva(!). Sneak peeks below:

I made three different colour schemes for the Eva fabric. But we shall see how they look in print.

Some people have actually bought my boar fabrics. Whee!

Week of piggies: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all eternity

Tomorrow I’m going to Rügen for almost a week, where I will not have Internet access at all!
So I’ll have to post the rest of the piggies for the piggy week already now … ;_;

These are actually warm up drawings that I made during the Gothenburg book fair while waiting for a chance to sign my book. (Here are my reports from the fair, in Swedish but with lots of pictures!)

The Soviet tank soldier piggies (one of them with thalidomide deformities?) are of course inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s comics about Otto Carius and Hans

Oh, and then I found this sketch somewhere in my computer:

I think it might be related to my comic Pigs Have Wings. Or maybe not, because the girl doesn’t look like Ebba. Or maybe that’s the reason why it stayed just a sketch.



Many people assume that I’ve been inspired by rape-revenge movies in my comics about Eva. As a matter of fact I had hardly seen any such films when I drew these comics.

But some of them seem like good fun, so I looked a bit closer at the genre in an article for the new blog of my publisher Epix. Read it here (in Swedish)

Screencap from the film Thriller – A Cruel Picture, at which I take a closer look in the article.


In Swedish at “Stenhård hora som seriehjältinna”

It says that “after a while you start to see that Tinet Elmgren is challenging conventions when she makes a whore into a heroine and thrashes on so much violence. She is a kind of Tarantino in comics form.”

Whee, that’s really flattering.

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