Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 27

DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 23-26

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 23-26

* * *
101 down, 71 to go. V`(oo)´V
(Now I’m on Driftwood page 29, and I did a 32 page 24 h comic, which I will hopefully post soon … But it’s only three days until the end of this exercise. I guess I could spend those three days drawing 71 pages. I don’t doubt that I could do it, and it would perhaps make my life seem somehow meaningful. V`(oo)´V But then, I could also not spend the next three days drawing 71 really crappy pages, and just admit that I failed and move on. Hmmmm …)

P.S. There will be a report on the Gothenbug comics festival soon! I’ve just been kind of exhausted since my return. x_X

DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 21-22

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 21-22

* * *
66 down, 106 to go. V`(oo)´V
(Now I’m on page 26 … Doing a bit of a штурмовщина until the Gothenburg comics festival, so I can exhibit as much as possible from this chapter. Sadly there is no way I’ll have the entire chapter and thus a new zine finished by then … (;_;)
Things look a bit disappointing overall for this “quantity, not quality” exercise, too, but November 12th will be the Berlin 24h comics day. I am tempted to see if I can draw more than 24 pages in 24 hours!!??! If I do one panel per page, like many other artists do to cope with the time restraint of 24h comics, it should be a piece of cake, right? V^(oo)^V (For not page-formatted comics, the official rules say: at least 100 panels.) That should be an interesting exercise in form, too, since I’ve never drawn a comic like that before … Well, we’ll see.)

DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 15-20

Ha, I’ve been totally neglecting this blog for a while … V`(oo)´V

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 15-20

* * *
61 down, 112 to go. V`(oo)´V
(Now I’m on page 21 … And I really didn’t draw any more than this in all these weeks?! Argh, maybe I’ll have to do more than one 24 hour comic to reach my goal in this silly exercise?!!)

DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 10-14

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 10-14

* * *
57 down, 116 to go. V`(oo)´V
(Now I’m on page 17 … Unbelievably slow …)

Cover for the Driftwood book

I’ve been working on this comic for fifteen years, and it’s really quite disturbing that it will soon be finished.


Looks like I haven’t posted about the new pages in a while …

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 7-9

* * *
54 down, 119 to go. V`(oo)´V
(I was debilitated by lyme disease and antibiotics for two weeks there, but now I’m on Driftwood page 14, plus I’ve drawn two pages for another comic, and I guess if I count the hourly comics I should also count the hipster hating thing in the previous post …)

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