(Church of Satan, Hannover old town, aka Marktkirche)

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Belated Helsinki Comics Festival photodump

Suomen Islam-seurakunta House behind trees

The Islamic congregation of Helsinki and some old villa behind the trees

Fluffy doggie paparazzi Very fluffy red doggie paparazzi

Doggie paparazzi photos

Essential artist's supplies

Essential artist’s supplies: loads of sketchbooks, Russian and Chinese watercolours, and also Aspirin. :3

Piggy window painting, Helsingfors (Heringsdorf)

Piggy window painting

My piggy doodle on the doodling table in Sarjakuvakeskus V^(oo)^V

At Sarjakuvakeskus (the comics centre) in Helsinki they had a table on which you could try out the pens they sell at their cafe. So I drew some proletarian piggies …

* * *

Stef Gaines was our super special guest and made lots of photos:

* Me sewing zines in the last second (Ainur and Stef were awesomepants and helped me fold them, for which they were rewarded with copies of Electric Tsunamis)

* Ainur and I being cool at our table, as always (with Nicola in the background, doing something indeterminable)

* Coffee and the Mochi dummy (Mochi is a character in Ainur’s extraordinary comic Goldenbird!)

* Finnish pirogue and the Mochi dummy

* Me at Sarjakuvakeskus, wearing extremely Finnish, Mymlan-style clothes that Ainur gave me after having grown out of them (the pattern persists even in adulthood!), yet drinking German lemonade

* * *

… Anyway, back in Berlin I saw this fluffy white doggie at Frankfurter Tor:

Fluffy white doggie at Frankfurter Tor


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Kitmir (or Qatmir) is one of the two doggies mentioned in the Quran (the other time a doggie is mentioned it’s not a specific doggie).

Kitmir was with the youths hiding from religious persecution in Sura 18, the story about The People of the Cave (“The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus” in Christian tradition), and they all slept inside the cave for maybe 300 or 309 years.

[18:18] You would think that they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his legs in their midst.

A more detailed version of the story was told by Ali, where he mentions that Kitmir belonged to a shepherd who joined the youths, and that “the dog was black and white though black was prevailing”.

DRIFTWOOD CH. 9 P. 10-14

Read Driftwood chapter 9, page 10-14

* * *
57 down, 116 to go. V`(oo)´V
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I wish I could have a doggie like this. :3

This is a lovely Kangal doggie who guards property in Wedding. ♥

(Photos by Ilan Katin.)

This morning I had a dream that somebody had broken into my trailer.

They had taken two sheep from the neighbour, cut them up and left the body parts all over the place. There was blood everywhere, on the furniture, the floors, the walls, my drawings. Some of the flesh, bones and guts was hanging in bloody sacks from the roof, and the skins – one on the table, one on the floor – had been shoddily tanned. There were some notes about tanning skin, written in a somehow disturbing and manic handwriting.

I discovered that a frightened Golden Retriever had been locked inside my greenhouse, and a Bernese Mountain Dog was running around, worried. The Bernese dog spoke a little bit of human language(!), and I was able to get some information about the intruder from him. I asked if it was a man or a woman, and the doggie answered, “woman”. For some reason I said, “Well, that’s not so bad, then?”, and the doggie gave me a meaningful look that made me very scared.

It would get dark soon, and I hurried to take photos as evidence of what had happened. I did not want to be there at night. Somehow I had the feeling that the intruder was watching me, and that the doggies weren’t really on my side. But I only had my old digital camera, and as always it was struggling to focus in low light conditions, and also its battery was running out …

* * *

Then I woke up. And I can’t go out to my trailer this weekend either, so it will be a while before I know whether somebody really has been murdering sheep there or not. :o(

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