Here is a drawing I made for a video Ilan is making.
The wing is in a separate layer so another one can be added on the piggy’s right side, and they can be animated.

A screenshot from the video:

Ilan was all like “You know you will get full credit, right?” and “See how easily you too can make animations like this?”, and I was all like “So what?” and “Yeah, whatever.”
I guess I don’t take this very seriously.


It’s been out for a little while already, but the site is only now finally presentable, so I can link to it.

I made the graphic design of this book in collaboration with the author/publisher Quentin Duclos and associates. It’s a hilarious and insane work, hard to describe with words. If you can read French, check it out. If you’re in Berlin you can browse and buy it at Le Petit Mignon (Flughafenstr. 38, Neukölln).

I also designed the website of the publishing company.

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