Style Challenge

Ainur just did an awesomepants style homage, with Goldenbird heroine Mayann drawn in different artists’ styles, and I just had to do one too!

(And I just found out through newwavefeminism that it’s a thing – #stylechallenge was originally started by Autumn @beautifulness87 on Instagram!)

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So I’ve drawn Eva and Willie, trying to imitate the styles of five different artists whose comics have influenced me deeply, three from the US and two from Japan. I think I finally got warmed up by the time I got to the last one …? V^(oo)^;V

Guess which is which! :3 In alphabetical order: Charles Burns, Debbie Drechsler, Jaime Hernandez, Jiro Matsumoto, Ai Yazawa.

Fun facts: I never realised until now that Jaime Hernandez rarely if ever draws earrings on his characters? It’s really interesting what peculiar ways the artists have of drawing certain anatomical details, like ear whorls or hair structure. Debbie Drechsler and Jiro Matsumoto were the most fun to imitate, because their styles are the most different and the most similar to my own, respectively.

Neurotitan gallery opening: Blickwechsel

I took my Russian lens out for a swing. It was a bit challenging, but fun.

"Come in and sit down"

Happy people

Stinky vs. Haus Schwarzenberg

More photos here.

In honour of International Women’s Day, …

… here are some of my favourite paintings ever. Some can be clicked for larger view.

Building New Workshops, A. Deineka 1929.

Ever Higher, S. Ryagina 1934.
I used to have a photocopy of this on my wall, but I’ve lost it somewhere along all my relocations …

Bridge Builders, A. Belyh 1985.

The Village Postwoman, F. Shapaev 1960.

Warm Day, A. Levitin 1957.

Along the Construction Sites Outside Moscow, A. Deineka 1949.

In the Kitchen, Yu. Kugach 1958.

Motherhood (doggie and human!), N. I. Andropov, 1980.

The Seagull (Portrait of V. Tereshkova), A. Mazitov.

All of these paintings and many more can be viewed in this wonderful gallery of Soviet art.