24h Comics Marathon 2012, Berlin edition

The 24h comics marathon is going to happen shortly right there

Since nobody else had organized a 24h comics marathon this year, Ilan and I decided to do it ourselves!

We were graciously provided with a space at the lovely Panke in Berlin-Wedding. 12 artists came, and a “hardcore” group of 8 people stayed for almost all the 24 hours! (Even though the time slot we were able to arrange – Friday to Saturday – was potentially a bit weird. But I guess that thanks to Neoliberalism there are plenty of unemployed and self-employed people in Berlin.)

Ilan found a "thinking cap"

Ilan found a “thinking cap”.

Some of the hardcore participants, grinding through the night

Some of the hardcore participants, grinding through the night. That crappy fruit device was just there to provide us with a clock, because I forgot to bring a proper one.

Me and my drugs

Me and my drugs.

This time I drew a piggy comic with ball point pens. I had to switch between two different pens as they started bleeding after being used continuously for too long. (Cheap 1€-store pens!)

Great thanks to Erikah and Justas at Panke for allowing us to use their awesome space, whipping up a delicious raclette dinner for us when their vegan cook couldn’t come, letting us pet their doggie, and being such lovely people in general!

24h comics 2012 Berlin participants:

atari_elleAuge Lorenz, Catalina Somolinos AlonsoClémentine GuichardDarkamIlan Katin, Javier Lozano Jaén, Lilli LogeMikael RossStef, Stefan, Tinet

We will make an exhibition with all the comics that we produced in January, also at Panke. So stay tuned … V^(oo)^V


Bałtycki Festiwal Komiksu!

At the end of last month I was surprise invited to the Baltic Comics Festival in Gdansk. Last year, Gdansk artists came to Berlin to draw 24 h comics, and Berlin artists went to Gdansk to do the same. Then, for this festival, they printed little books with all the comics and made an exhibition with them. They didn’t have enough German comics, so they asked us from the other 24 h comics session in Berlin last year if we wanted to be part of it. I happened to be one of the first to answer, so there I was …

I had actually never properly met my travel companions Auge and Ulla of the comics library Renate, so it was a bit like, “hey, do you want to go on a road trip to Poland with some random strangers to a festival you’ve never heard about?!” Well, sounds like fun to me! V^(oo)^V
They turned out to be the nicest and most leisurely of people, very nice companions on a slow drive with lots of stops for nice food and interesting sights.

I made some quick sketches of what I saw during the ride:

Girl sitting outside a farmhouse – she actually had bright red hair and a neon green top, which looked interesting, but which a graphite pencil can’t quite catch …
And the great potato monument in Biesiekierz.

Wild piggy grill bar, and an old man standing in the middle of a field with his bike, talking on his cell phone.

Wooden bear in a garden, and a huge fuzzy doggie, the sight of whom made me feel so fuzzy on the inside that I could barely draw. (Yes, my thumbnail is still dirty from yesterday’s gardening efforts.)

All right, so after a few hours of leisurely driving and eating amazing pierogi at rest stops, we arrived in Gdansk …

(Continue reading …)

24 h comics exhibition at Lashopp in Friedrichshain

The shop/workshop/gallery Lashopp, where we did the 24 h comic marathon last year, has a little exhibition right now with the results of our madness.

On Sunday there was a combined party for both the exhibition and the shop’s one year anniversary …

The Mugger [displayed]

Not only my 24 h comic, The Muggers, but also all my other zines in English and German are for sale at Lashopp now.

Reading hanging comics

Most of the participants brought their 24 h comics in one form or another, and we displayed them nicely suspended from the ceiling, easy to read. Parties where you can read lots of comics are the best parties. :3

Krippa, Guest, Tinet

Crippa introduced me (and my comics) to a nice syndicalist friend from Sweden.

Me in comic form

Some artists implemented the setting of us drawing 24 h comics into their comics. Unfortunately I forgot the name of this artist, who has a very cool realistic style here …

Me in comic form

And Mawil, perhaps the most “pro” of us all, did a little report about it for Tagesspiegel afterwards. You can read it here!

Me in comic form

Somewhere in the hazy sleepless morning hours, when I had finished my comic already, Mawil was looking at all the other people’s comics. Somehow he got all nervous when he saw I was already finished, and was dissing it, “What, they just talk all the time???!!!” – “Well, that IS a very efficient style!!!!” Heh … His comic is pretty awesomepants, so there really was no need to get nervous … :op

(All photos by Ilan Katin)

24h comic 2010: White Nights

Click the title page to go read …

* * *

86 down, 1 to go. V^(oo)^V

24h Comic – ENGAGE!

Okay, so last year I pledged that until the next December 9th I would draw 87 pages of comics. Right now I have 61 down, 26 to go. Obviously the best way to fulfill my pledge is to do a 24h comic.
Unless the weather will be terribly cold and she won’t have the heart to leave her poor half-feral cats alone in the cold, my mum will come visit me next weekend. So maybe it’s a good idea to do the 24h comic before she comes. Thus, I’ll be doing my best to draw 24 pages of comics in the 24 hours between 15:00 on December 1st and 15:00 on December 2nd.

If you are a crazy sick person you can stare at me all the time while I do it in this webcam stream. There is even a chat function so you can ask stupid questions and maybe I will answer if I feel like it.

* * *

Okay, I finished my 24 page comic at 11 AM. Whee, 24 pages in 20 hours! Big thanks to all the sick people who came by to stare at me as I struggled in front of the empty pages mocking me.

After I eat and sleep and maybe go out and play in the lovely snow I’ll scan the comic and we’ll se how it turned out. It seems a bit weird to me now, but my consciousness is also a bit weird from Club Mate overdose, so who knows.

Hmm, part of me actually thinks it’s a total waste to stop drawing now when I’m in such good drawing shape … :3 But I do think my health, albeit mortal, has to go before immortal Art. Because without Mortal Health, there can be no Immortal Art. Yes. I have not slept in 26 hours. But that’s not the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep.

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