Goodbye 2017!

This year I fought to fix myself up again, and made radical and positive changes in my life, like I resolved one year ago. The end of the year I’ve been recuperating, happily holed up in my cozy new home and just living out my most perverted fantasies of Soviet interior decoration (like this apartment in Magadan Oblast). I didn’t draw a lot in 2017, but I got started again, and from now on I will create and share more art,
!إن شاء الله‎ 


In the weekend I was at Comicinvasion Berlin, yay!

It was a bit of a disaster, because my brand spanking new zines that I had planned to have at the festival were stuck in the parcel center with a “sorting error” for almost a week (today it finally says the delivery is underway ;___;).

So I only had old stuff, but there were enough people who didn’t know it or didn’t have all of my books yet so it was okay I guess.

Of course there were so many other amazing comics at the festival, and my best new discoveries were Grey Area: From the City to the Sea by Tim Bird, a quietly poetic comic where the artist travels from London to the North Sea and reflects on the landscapes, and Drawing the XXth Century by Lithuanian and Belarusian artists Lina Itagaki, Miglė Pužaitė, Viktorija Ežiukas and Viktoryia Andrukovič, with stories told by the artists’ parents and grandparents and documented as comics. To my shame I couldn’t buy a copy of the latter, because the story The White Pig by Lina Itagaki was so sad that I would just have cried every time I glanced at the book. V;(oo);V

Somehow I didn’t take photos of anything, except …

1. This absolutely deliriously hypnotic doggie, who was tabling with the art suppliers Malstoff, and got lots and lots of cuddles from everyone, very much including myself:

2. My calling cards that I painted by hand on the spot (maybe I should print proper ones):

(Oops, forgot to colour one)

The next festival I’m going to is Stockholm International Comics Festival! The main event is May 20th-21st, and I will be part of an amazing group exhibition that opens on May 19th and finishes on the 25th!

Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 4 (the end)

The final part!

(Read part 4 behind the cut!)

Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 3

My handwriting gets worse and worse, but at least the year is finally ending …

(Read part 3 behind the cut!)

Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 2

(Read part 2 behind the cut!)

Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 1

It’s taking me forever to colour it, so I’ll just publish my diary comic from the winter holidays in installments … Shoes, mental illness, media consumption, strange dreams, and unglamorous Berlin life …

(Read part 1 behind the cut!)


Some watercolours of the piggies in my book Sweet Peas that I painted for the Gothenburg Book Fair last year, with some backstories about them.

Andrei was the gunner in a T-194 tank crew in what became known as The Final War among some of the few piggies who survived. He now thinks he joined the army for quite foolish reasons – partly in the belief that he could make a difference from the inside, partly for the money and benefits offered, and partly due to pressure to ‘prove himself’ as a half-Congolese Russian piggy. Then again, his intimate knowledge of war machinery brought him together with Chulpán when he deserted and joined the Resistance.

On the hill above Chulpán’s place are the ruins of a manor house that was ransacked and abandoned already in the revolution. The building where she’s set herself up was originally the gatekeeper’s lodge. The ruins of Tsarist Russia were since joined by rusting mecha from the war.

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