Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 4 (the end)

The final part!

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Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 3

My handwriting gets worse and worse, but at least the year is finally ending …

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Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 2

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Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 1

It’s taking me forever to colour it, so I’ll just publish my diary comic from the winter holidays in installments … Shoes, mental illness, media consumption, strange dreams, and unglamorous Berlin life …

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Some watercolours of the piggies in my book Sweet Peas that I painted for the Gothenburg Book Fair last year, with some backstories about them.

Andrei was the gunner in a T-194 tank crew in what became known as The Final War among some of the few piggies who survived. He now thinks he joined the army for quite foolish reasons – partly in the belief that he could make a difference from the inside, partly for the money and benefits offered, and partly due to pressure to ‘prove himself’ as a half-Congolese Russian piggy. Then again, his intimate knowledge of war machinery brought him together with Chulpán when he deserted and joined the Resistance.

On the hill above Chulpán’s place are the ruins of a manor house that was ransacked and abandoned already in the revolution. The building where she’s set herself up was originally the gatekeeper’s lodge. The ruins of Tsarist Russia were since joined by rusting mecha from the war.

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Another amazing piggy comic and human comic fusion, with a Sherlock AU where I’m John Watson and Sherlock Holmes is a trans man, my subconscious inserting random real life people into compromising situations in my dreams, excessive consumption of Siberian tomato-horseradish-garlic-pepper sauce, and strange doggies …

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57 Years of Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams

A lady I saw on the tram the other day. (Click to enlarge)

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