Driftwood 1 10

Driftwood 1 10

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Ilmari says:

    I find myself wondering, is Willie speaking in her Geordie English here, or in another of her languages?

  2. Ilmari says:

    … some call them gates, some call them windows, some call them portals… and some call them intergalactic-elevator-doors. :p

    … it *almost* has a ring to it.

  3. Tinet says:

    I guess she’s speaking Geordie :) – Czech for her is something she only talks at home with her dad (or to him, if he’s in his ‘must speak English’ moods), and later her mum. So anywhere else she’d be speaking English. And I don’t think she knows other languages besides those … or maybe she had some Spanish or French in school? :3


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