Driftwood 9 28

Driftwood 9 28

They are walking towards Swing Bridge, which swings horizontally out of the way to allow bigger ships to pass. It’s on the oldest bridge site between Newcastle and Gateshead. Swing Bridge was built in 1876, and before it there were the old Tyne Bridges of 1781 and 1270, and the Roman Pons Aelius is thought to have been in the same place.
Since the new Tyne Bridge, completed in 1928, Swing Bridge has seen much less use, and in the 1990′s, the Gateshead streets leading up from it — once the main streets of the town — were very much in decay.

Oh, and by the way … You should look forward to the erotic comics anthology Swedish Comics Sin 3. Just saying … :3


  1. Ainur says:

    Willie’s mum reminds me somehow of the Chinese-American “Tiger mom” who wrote that strange misunderstood book about raising her daughters extremely strictly. Somehow she still shows that she cares about her daughter in a very screwed-up way. That thing about “people like us” is an interesting though cynical observation…


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