Driftwood 9 20

Driftwood 9 20

Yeah, I was procrastinating the inking of this page forever. For a long time I assumed that I just couldn’t focus because my brain was too preoccupied with the usual problems of human existence and the existence of hairy men, and that I was just too lazy to ink the elaborate scene in the first panel. After three days or so, I suddenly realised that the composition was crap – I’d cut off their legs and the lower part of the fence, when it would be much better to draw them full figure and include the whole fence.
*Sigh* … I don’t have time to be this slow-witted!

In any case, it was fun to research demolitions a bit. V^(oo)^V

I’m not quite sure how strict British comprehensive secondary schools tend to be regarding what kind of jackets and coats students are allowed to wear over their uniforms. One school states on its website that “school coats” are preferrable, but students are allowed to wear any coat they like as long as they take it off inside school. In any case, I’m letting Willie wear her revolutionary postman jacket to school …
But maybe her skirt would be too short for some schools? :3

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Aidan says:

    I guess that puts pay to the squatting plan. Hooray for urban renewal… or not. At least the piggy has survived.

    . . . . .

    Am I a sour, tigh-arse conservative for abhoring drugs as much as Willie’s dad? The only think I’ve ever had was alcohol, and then in moderate amounts. Marijuana reeks something awful and I cannot help but disrespect people for wanting to get high.

    . . . . .

    Haha, I for one offer no complaints about Willie’s skirt length. What I was wondering looking at panel 1, is do her socks (or sock-equivalent) go all the way up till under her skirt – or is she sporting a fabled A-rank? :P These things matter to guys, honestly.

    (If you’re not well aquainted with Anime fandom, you won’t know what ‘A-rank’ is, but I’m sure you can find an explanation of ‘zettai ryouiki’ somewhere.

  2. Tinet says:

    Oh, I abhor drugs just as much, except maybe caffeine, in moderation. :o/ I’ve always liked the temperance and straightedge tendencies among commies throughout history.
    But in Willie’s dad’s case it’s maybe a bit hypocritical, considering what he’s spent most of his life doing …
    As for Willie, I assume that she just enjoyed working on the squat project with Sophie (and of course Miss Piggerson), and didn’t really care much about what the other kids were doing there (though maybe she should have?), so it probably feels a bit unfair that her dad would only focus on them and their potentially negative influence …

    Argh … It’s late October/November, so they are wearing wool mix pantyhose! As far as I remember, stay-ups had barely started to come into fashion among the gentile population of Western Europe in the late 1990′s (when this takes place).
    I myself was wearing A-B-rank in 1997 or so (not socks, though, but leg warmers, and only because I wanted to scare other people), but I somehow doubt that would have been allowed as part of school uniform in the UK? Brits who went to secondary school in the late 90′s are of course welcome to enlighten me! V^(oo)^V


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