Driftwood 9 17

Driftwood 9 17

Okay, I visited my mum last week, so as promised, here are some photos from my childhood home, on which I’ve partly based the interior decoration in Willie’s flat. There were somehow surprisingly few photos that show the interiors. I guess if it had been after the advent of digital cameras, there would be a whole lot more.

Here’s a photo from our kitchen. Mum is preparing food for our dog Priska, whose leg is broken (she chased after a squirrel in the forest and jumped down a steep cliff) … ,:3 In the background I’m probably going to use the stool to climb up on the counter so I can explore the contents of the kitchen cabinets. I used to do that a lot.

Below Ainur is feeling sorry for poor Priska, while mum’s glasses are glowing ominously. I liked that sofa very much. It became very worn, and at some point mum covered it with terrible white and grey striped drapes. I hated them and refused to enter the living room. I don’t remember how the conflict was resolved — probably I forgot about it eventually, or it was just before we moved to Germany, where my parents got a brand new completely white sofa. :o(

There are no photos at all of the mysterious scary wallpaper in our bedroom. :o(
But there was a pretty cool wallpaper in the hallway, too, which was also covered up with some boring 80′s wallpaper later on:

(Ainur is posing with her rubber boots on the wrong feet, and Priska is photobombing …)

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Netania says:

    The adorableness of these photos is overwhelming! Is that you in the top one?

  2. Netania says:

    Oh duh, that IS you. I was overwhelmed by the cuteness and neglected to read carefully.

  3. Tinet says:

    Hehe! And I didn’t even consciously choose photos wth Priska in them, she just happened to be in all of them … I suspect she is in 99% of all the photos my parents made in her lifetime. :o)

  4. bubu says:

    Priska was our first baby :)


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