Driftwood 9 04

Driftwood 9 04

* * *

Gaah, I just read all three Hunger Games books in like three days straight. Do not even look at them unless you really have nothing to do for the next couple of days. They were written in the most evilly page-turning way ever conceivable. The story is kind of an extended take on Battle Royale, with ensuing war and revolution, with an obligatory love triangle, since it’s a ‘young adult’ book trilogy with a female main character. (But at least it’s more elegantly written than Twilight, the story is a lot more interesting, and the characters are infinitely nicer, so you don’t feel as violated when you can’t stop reading the books …)

It’s all Lucy Knisley’s fault, because she drew the main character looking a lot like Willie (as she kind of does, according to how she’s described – their personalities are kind of similar, too). So I had to check out the books. The first couple of chapters are up on the official site for free reading, and that’s how they TRAP you.

Now I’ll just whine a bit about how terribly sad the ending is, and how, the way I see it, it’s the ultimate punishment of the Capitol, by means of the Hunger Games, how Katniss ends up choosing/having to choose the guy she does choose. Whine, whine. ;_;
(Though now I realised that if that guy would have been dark and hairy –  I mean come on, with that name? – I would probably have supported her choice 100%. :3)

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Aidan says:

    So willie’s dad doesn’t believe in aspirin. What about paracetamol? :P
    Nice aversion of tradition by having him go *sober* after his daughter disappeared at sea…

    Hope the headache isn’t a sign that something went wrong with Samona’s magick.

    . . .

    …Never heard of those ‘Hunger Games’ books. I see what you mean by that character being drawn like Willie though. Cute and boyish. ;) I’m a little worried that you actually pull Twilight out for comparison, though.


  2. Tinet says:

    Heh … It’s a bit challenging in this scene, what to spell out and what to hope that the reader will get even if it’s not explained. When he was drinking he would get serious headaches when he was hung over, and cure them with aspirin, and so he associates aspirin (and other painkillers) with the addiction.

    Nothing went wrong … Samona told her beforehand that she’d get a headache from the potion that helped her concentrate. In fact, it all went disturbingly quickly and smoothly. That’s of course because Willie drained so much of Aeron’s vast latent shaman energy into herself when they were making out … :3

    * * *
    Ha ha, well, even if I think Hunger Games is better and nicer than Twilight (which I stopped reading in protest because it insulted my intelligence), it’s hard not to compare them, since both are ~500 pages/book trilogies, both seem poorly written at first glance but mercilessly suck you in and force you to keep reading them, both are massively hyped books from the USA written by women for teenage girls, and both have a fan servicey but oh so chaste love triangle theme.

  3. Aidan says:

    Regarding the aspirin, I actually inferred that correctly, so no worries on the communication front. I’s just making a rather weak joke. I do find it amusing that one would foreswear painkillers just because one has in the past used them to alleviate hangovers. But maybe alcoholics have a different outlook on things.

  4. Tinet says:

    Okay, I suspected so. :o)

    I honestly don’t know how or why my brain came up with this, but my theory is that aspirin is kind of special – you dissolve it in water or in your mouth when you take it, and it has a very particular taste. It’s not just another pill that you swallow and forget. And maybe he never bothered to get other types of painkillers, or it never dawned on him that there are other ones. (I myself find painkillers that are not aspirin to be somehow unsatisfactory, even if they do the job. Which is a bit disturbing.)
    He’s not a particularly easy person, anyway, as the next few pages will show …


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