Driftwood 9 03

Driftwood 9 03

Okay, so I have no idea what their building looks like on the inside, other than what you can tell about the interior from the exterior — night photos suggest that it’s one room per window, and the fact that there are just two entrances to the entire building suggests that all the flats are connected to long hallways in the middle.

I also don’t know for sure if the front door opens with a key, a number code (less likely as that seems to be a very Swedish thing), or if it’s unlocked, and whether there is a guard positioned by the entrance monitoring those who enter (that doesn’t seem to be the case today, so it’s probably even less likely to have been the case in 1998). So I just skipped that part … Let’s assume that either Willie somehow still has her house keys, or the front door is unlocked. V^(oo)^;V

I’ve been too chicken to contact anybody who lives or has lived there to ask weird questions. But if somebody familiar with the Chandless estate should happen to read this and can offer corrections, that would be most welcome. ♥

* * *

In my research about the Chandless estate and estates in the UK in general, I stumbled across the very interesting blog of human endeavour photography. Don’t miss Richard Healey’s article on their project, Degeneration.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Aidan says:

    … I guess after returning from an alternate dimension, that’s as good a greeting as any. I reckon ‘what happened’ should be her dad’s line, though.

    Great to see her dad is in good shape.
    … He’s not going to have a heart attack or stroke from the shock, I hope. :P

  2. Dan P says:

    Being A UK resident and having been to a few estates like that one in my time. I imagine you’re probably correct about the hallways, her front door opens with a key, and I very much doubt there’d be a guard on the entrance, probably a panel of buzzers for each individual flat…

    The working lift might be a bit of a stretch too… :)

  3. Tinet says:

    Thanks, Dan! :o)

    At the estate Red Road in Scotland (at least according to the film set there, about the CCTV woman), they have guards at the doors, but probably that’s a very recent thing. I read that at Chandless today they have guards that sit in an office somewhere and monitor all the intercoms, but that was only established a couple years ago.

    Yeah, I assume that there are several lifts, and maybe at least one of them is working? For the time being, anyway … I might have it break down later on in the story. :o)


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