1. Sha-Guo 11

Update notice, October 27th:

Ahahahahaa … No, I’m not so sure about the script after all. I’ll be back when I’ve figured it out …

Update notice, October 21st:

Urgh … First I had some writer’s block, and although that has passed, today I’ve been so stressed out by the fact that on Tuesday I have to move south, just like the swans that kept flying across the sky forming big arrows pointing where we all must go, that I couldn’t sit still and focus enough to draw. VX(oo)xV So I’ll post the next page at some point after next Tuesday …

* * *

Of course Malcolm X would have a seme sparkle. :3

The Bakunin quote is from “Man, Society and Freedom“, in the manuscripts that God and State was based on. As I looked it up it appears that it was actually written (or edited together) by Bakunin’s close comrades Carlo Cafiero and Élisée Reclus, who put together the book from Bakunin’s fragmentary texts.

I can’t find any source for the Malcolm X quote, but it seems he said it 10th of June 1964, some time after his Hajj.

I personally have a bit of an aversion to “inspirational quotes” (they are all out of context, anyway), but Willie is young and nobody is perfect. V^(oo)^;V

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