1. Sha-Guo 08

Best page ever to letter, one of the most aggravating pages ever to draw … V`(oo)ยด;V I thought I’d had enough of mail sorting cabinets in Postman Blues, but I guess not …
And maybe I should make more of an effort to draw more obvious images, because the guy in the last panel is the local postman, not just some random dude.

I don’t think I’d ever drawn a train or any kind of plane before. Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki’s Zassou Nouto, at least the plane wasn’t too hard. V^(oo)^V

Whee, glory to all postal workers and transport workers across the world. :3

Oh, by the way, in case somebody didn’t notice – Willie has removed the red epaulettes and things from her jacket, so people won’t mistake her for an actual postal worker.

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  1. tinet

    A reader asked: “So why doesn’t she just hop on a plane and fly there?”

    In this post, I was actually going to write more about why on earth there are so many sailing ships in this world, few steam ships and no motor ships, but then I figured maybe I didn’t know enough about it yet to write anything too extensive.

    But basically there is a global shortage of oil, so its use is rationed. In Ban La-Ilanam, petrol is limited to planes for express transport (as seen in this page) and a few government limousines and one or two passenger planes reserved for government officials. All travel for regular citizens and most cargo transport has to be done by rail or boat. (Research into biofuels hasn’t gotten very far yet, I presume … Maybe the general principle of using food that humans could eat to fuel machines is considered to be appalling?)

    As for steam, steamboats are used mainly for river transportation, while both steam and sailing ships are used for ocean transportation. The machines in the cannery are also partly steam powered, partly on electricity. :3