1. Sha-Guo 06

I hope Willie’s handwriting is somewhat legible … x_X

“Gbegluza-Hwewi” is my direct translation of “warthog” and “fish” in the Fon language of Benin, with help from the website Fon is Fun … (The seaboard capital of Benin in our world, on the other hand, has the badass name Cotonou, which means “mouth of the river of death” – actually a reference to the slave trade :/ .)  In this world, the area has recently made itself independent of colonial rule, and I suppose Ban La-Ilanam would like something like the People’s Republic of Benin to happen there.

Oh, and I made a “behind the scenes” photo before I started inking:

Making of Dog Island page 6

I got some postcards by Tiitu Takalo that are extremely inspiring. :3

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