1. Sha-Guo 04

I didn’t show it in Driftwood, but of course Aeron gave her their mailing address.

The interior is a bit based on my dorm room at Moscow State University. But it’s twice as big, since entire families may live in these rooms.

Sorry for the delay, but I realised in the last minute that I had to totally redraw part of this page …
I keep being frustrated with how crappily I draw, but then again, when I look at my comics from a few years ago, they look TERRIBLE. And it doesn’t matter, because the stories are still good.  V^(oo)^;V

* * *

Last week I watched This Is England (the film and the two TV miniseries) and became totally obsessed with it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. V*(oo)*V

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