1. Sha-Guo 00

On August 6th, the first chapter of Dog Island will begin … V^(oo)^V

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  1. eijushka


  2. Li

    I’m really looking forward to this. I’m so curious about how the story will continue. That’s one thing (among others) that I appreciate with your comics. They are never predictable (at least not to me). When I read Driftwood I never knew from one chapter to the other which turn the story would take.

  3. tinet

    Heh, I don’t really know either what’s going to happen. It comes to me in chunks, some parts here and there. There are many loose threads and suggestions in Driftwood that will be picked up, and then there will of course be lots of totally new storylines and characters.
    Now I have a pretty clear idea of the beginning, so I might as well start.

  4. Hans

    Looking forward to it!