1. Sha-Guo 24

Somehow it took almost two months to finish this page … V°(oo)°;V Not because of anything about the page, just the sitting down to do it.

On my patreon, you can see some exclusive behind the scenes content: a diagram of all the stuff that Willie owns right now. :3 Which I made originally for my own reference, but might be fun for you, too.

I’m currently reading Yuri Gagarin’s delightfully spunky autobiography Our Road to the Cosmos, and he mentions that his father in law was very good at cooking belyashi, “the favourite dish of the Ural cossacks”. His wife Valentina was born in Orenburg. The Ural cossacks (or Orenburg cossacks) were of course ethnically mixed and had many Tatars in their ranks, who had brought traditions of their best dishes, such as belyashi, also known as peremec – which is also my own most favourite dish ever.
Since Eva and Aeron’s family are something like Ural cossacks, too, this fascinating anecdote from Gagarin reminded me that they must love peremec, too!

(Illustration from my vegan peremec recipe comic in Serienördens kokbok)


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