1. Sha-Guo 19

This comic is now at least 25% more gay.

I was visited by my muse in the beginning of this week, so now I could finally sit down and finish this page. Yay!

I’ve had many more and less stupid reasons for the long breaks with this comic. One very important reason was that there were going to be many more male characters in the part that will start soon, and it took me several months to remember that that’s just not how I roll … Too many male characters bore me.┬áV^(oo)^;V

As a matter of fact, I finally came to that realisation while marathon-rewatching the Fast and Furious films(!), and being mildly pleased with the relatively many and relatively badass women in the gang. Watching those films also inspired last year’s 24h comic, The Slow and the Relentless! Which I still haven’t finished, because it degenerated into something much longer than 24 pages …

I was actually going to work on that today. But then I sat down to draw a warm-up sketch and set my mp3 player on “shuffle”, and let the next song inspire what I’d sketch. It turned out to be “Unwritable Girl” by Gregory Alan Isakov:

So I drew Aeron making some kind of ,:3 face:

And then I felt so sorry for him that I had to ink this page instead of working on my 24h comic.

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