1. Sha-Guo 18

Beginning last March I had a very long period of writer’s block. Then I started to draw a totally different comic (a post-apocalyptic piggy comic in watercolour), and now, when I got stuck with that one, I was finally able to finish inking this page of Dog Island! Yay!

He-Gong means “effort together” … (Once Willie finally leaves Sha-Guo we can forget about the weirdness of how they all speak English but people and places have Mandarin names. V^(oo)^;V)

Ju-Tsang works in quality control, spot checking cans for any flaws. Hai-Long works at the cookers, loading carts of open cans into huge cookers where the fish is boiled. That’s how he got all his new muscles since last year!

The choice of dishes is inspired by what Willie has studied about traditional local medicine, specifically what you should eat to counteract overexertion, cold and fatigue.

I recently discovered that there exists something like cardboard model ship kits. And that there exists a kit for a Chebec. Which would be quite easy to modify to look just like the Eagle Ray. Hmmm. (Here is some crazy German guy who has written an extremely detailed photo report on how he built the Chebec cardboard model kit.)

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  1. Marc Raab

    Yay!!! New Sha-Guo!! So happy to see this. I’ve turned my daughter and her household full of friends and hangers-on onto “Driftwood”, loaning them my hardcopy indefinitely. I have yet to hear back their opinions, but I will lean on them soon. I know you know how much I think of your writing and art, and I will wait as long as it takes to get more… I guess I’m greedy that way. :-)

  2. tinet

    Aww, thank you! V^(oo)^V ♥

  3. Hans

    Good to see “Dog Island” is back!

  4. tinet

    Of course, today’s scheduled update was foiled because I took a class last weekend and today I was knocked out by a cold/flu/whatever that I probably caught because of taking the class ……. X_x