1. Sha-Guo 17

I’d planned to start the next scene in the second half of this page. But then I reminded myself that this is my comic, and there is no deadline (apart from my death, I guess) and I can drag it on as much as I want … And actually I should drag it on for the sake of better storytelling. Maybe I’m still a bit stuck in the mode from the end of Driftwood where I was racing against time and had to cram as much as possible into each page, resulting in some of the most spectacular “talking heads” pages in comics history!

Yet another reason for the lack of updates this past month is that I’m hostage to the freezing cold weather. I’m supposed to be living in my trailer in the countryside right now, but I’d have to be extremely badass to do that now. And while I am indeed quite badass, I’m also lazy. So now I’m staying in the city, waiting for the summer (because spring is probably #§$%ed at this point already …). And only yesterday I finally got a proper table here so I can draw! The chairs are still extremely uncomfortable, though (but we found them on the streets for free):

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  1. mamsu

    Niin, eihän sulloo mikään kiire. Ja se lämmin tulee kyllä jossain vaiheessa ja sitten on heti kauhee touhu ja kiire puutarhassa.
    Pyöräilin tänään ekan kerran talven jälkeen ja se oli IHANAA; polvikin tykkäs siitä.

    Munkin pitäs tehä kaikkee jännää; kutoo mattoloimi loppuun (siton enää muutama metri jäljellä), tehä kirjoja vanhoja karttoja käyttäen ja ommella baden-baden-tuoleihin uudet päälliset. MUTTA aloin neuloon tumppuja jostain kummasta syystä :(
    Sit kuulin yhessä ohjelmassa sen The Summer Is Magic-biisin ja nysse soi aivoissani koko ajan. Se aiheuttaa mulle mielihyvää; mitähän sillon vuonna 1994 oikein todella tapahtu?


  2. Hans

    Just wanted to check – are you still alive? ;-)

  3. tinet

    Sorry for not replying in a long time, Hans – yes, I am very much alive. :)
    Somehow I didn’t get any email notifications about comments in the last couple months, so I didn’t notice your comment (and also I failed to delete tons of spam comments).

    Sometimes I post on the tumblr about what’s going on. Right now I’m getting the English Driftwood book ready, and a book with all the short stories and other stuff, so that consumes most of my free time. I’m itching to continue the comic, and I’ll get to it as soon as I have the time and mental space. V^(oo)^;V

  4. Hans

    Tthanks for the update!

  5. Marc Raab

    Yay! Glad to see you were able to restore Dog Island! Now, as demanding fan, I insist on new pages! (If you can?) :-)

  6. Tinet

    Heh … There will be new pages soon. The books are almost ready to go to the printer, and it’s been far too long, anyway!