1. Sha-Guo 16

She is of course thinking about stuff that happened (or didn’t really happen) in Driftwood chapter 7. :3

The other day I watched Life of Pi! It’s rare that I can see a film without being irritated by something in it, but with this film I actually got lost in the story. (I’ve never read the book – and I usually assume that film adaptations are entirely different beasts from the books.)

It has some obvious thematic parallels to the beginning of Driftwood. I reread it and came to the conclusion that Willie was ‘only’ adrift for eight days, apparently. Maybe that’s kind of lame compared to badasses like Steven Callahan (76 days) or Poon Lim (133 days), but it certainly explains why she’s still in relatively good shape when they find her … heh.
But it also seems that either there were no food supplies on her life raft, or she lost them somehow very early on, since she had to resort to collecting rainwater and trying to catch fish, and was going a bit crazy from hunger and loneliness already.

* * *

Edit, March 24th: I conducted some field studies and now the sound of his heart is a bit more realistic … X_x

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