1. Sha-Guo 14

It’s mostly the mothers with younger children who appreciate the free, all-you-can-eat results of Willie’s nutrition experiments. :3
She probably had no problem ditching her Czech and British food traditions as she studied local cooking and nutritional theory …

There are two stoves like that in this communal kitchen. Cookers in the rooms are forbidden because of the fire hazard. Many residents don’t cook at home at all, but rather eat cooked food at the factory canteen and food stalls in the town, and just snacks at home.

… Which reminds me (again) of my time at Moscow State University, which had numerous canteens with fantastic and cheap food, and communal kitchens in the dorms. The canteen food and the variety of pirozhki at the markets was so great and so cheap that I never cooked. When my (Russian) boyfriend came to visit for the first time, he saw the kitchen and said with a meaningful and almost accusatory look: “There is a kitchen here.” It was bizarre to him that I wasn’t cooking at home when I was a woman and there actually was a kitchen. :3

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