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Update notice, November 9th 2012:
Sorry about the dodgy updates. I don’t have writer’s block anymore, but I’m having a hard time focusing on drawing. :( I was at the Zinefest Berlin last weekend, and this weekend I’m going to AltCom Comics festival in Malmö. So weekends are out, and it’s hard to set aside drawing time during the week now, since I have some hectic dayjob projects at the moment, while also (finally) putting together the English Driftwood book and a book collecting short stories and other stuff related to Driftwood. Things were certainly much simpler back when I was in school and lived in the middle of a forest, and there just wasn’t anything else to do than draw comics … V`(oo)´;V

* * *

Yay, I got over my writer’s block! V^(oo)^V

I happened to come across a note of how this kind of “trophies” were used as a means of propaganda for improving efficiency and neatness (and morale?!?) in workplaces in the Stalinist Soviet Union, in the coffee table book Sovjet i bild (“The Soviet Union in pictures”, Tidens förlag, Stockholm 1946).

In the book there’s a photo from 1931 of a piggy made of cloth, meant to shame the workers at a tractor factory in Kharkov to make a better effort to keep their workplace clean … (As clean as a piggy would, one might assume, but unfortunately it’s based on the speciesist stereotype of piggies as “dirty”, which of course is only due to the squalid conditions in which humans keep them … V`(oo)´V)

The front inscription says: “I myself am a pig, I have seen innumerable other pigs, but for the first time in my life I see such a pigginess as here at your place.”

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  1. Marc Raab

    Missing Dog Island. Hope to see new pages soon and hope everything is okay in Tinet-Land

  2. Tinet

    Thanks for your comment, Marc!
    I miss it too … I had a very stressful fall/winter, with a lot of dayjob work and other issues, and hardly any possibilities to focus on the comic. To get back on track, I went back during the holidays to redraw and extend one of the last scenes in Driftwood.
    Now, if all goes well, I should be able to pick up Dog Island again this weekend. I hope! V^(oo)^;V

  3. Hans

    Good to hear! I was afraid you might have given up on the comic. A Happy New Year to you!

  4. Tinet

    Thanks, Hans!
    Considering that I had hiatuses with Driftwood that took several years (while I was at university), but never even considered giving it up, these few months are nothing … V^(oo)^;V