Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 4 (the end)

The final part!

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Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 3

My handwriting gets worse and worse, but at least the year is finally ending …

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Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 2

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Christmas in Friedrichshain – part 1

It’s taking me forever to colour it, so I’ll just publish my diary comic from the winter holidays in installments … Shoes, mental illness, media consumption, strange dreams, and unglamorous Berlin life …

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Another amazing piggy comic and human comic fusion, with a Sherlock AU where I’m John Watson and Sherlock Holmes is a trans man, my subconscious inserting random real life people into compromising situations in my dreams, excessive consumption of Siberian tomato-horseradish-garlic-pepper sauce, and strange doggies …

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Warmup piggy comics

I got a “Comic Book Notebook” as a gift once. It has pre-printed comic book panels, but it’s rather too small and the pages too thin to draw proper comics. So I use it as an actual notebook and write and draw notes in the panels.

But at the Gothenburg Book Fair this September, as a warmup exercise before my signing sessions, I drew little random piggy pictures in the panels of this notebook, and it’s almost like a fragment of a comic about petty criminal working class piggies …


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