Ilan requested an 8-bit piggie for some project. He might animate it, maybe make the cheek blush patterns alternate and the eyebrows and snout move.

Actually he will use it as one of many visuals on Friday night at Tresor during the Visual Berlin Festival, doing visuals for Stu. As Ilan was preparing for this gig and listening to Stu’s music, he thought one of the songs definitely had piggy noises in it …



Here is a drawing I made for a video Ilan is making.
The wing is in a separate layer so another one can be added on the piggy’s right side, and they can be animated.

A screenshot from the video:

Ilan was all like “You know you will get full credit, right?” and “See how easily you too can make animations like this?”, and I was all like “So what?” and “Yeah, whatever.”
I guess I don’t take this very seriously.

Week of piggies: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all eternity

Tomorrow I’m going to Rügen for almost a week, where I will not have Internet access at all!
So I’ll have to post the rest of the piggies for the piggy week already now … ;_;

These are actually warm up drawings that I made during the Gothenburg book fair while waiting for a chance to sign my book. (Here are my reports from the fair, in Swedish but with lots of pictures!)

The Soviet tank soldier piggies (one of them with thalidomide deformities?) are of course inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s comics about Otto Carius and Hans

Oh, and then I found this sketch somewhere in my computer:

I think it might be related to my comic Pigs Have Wings. Or maybe not, because the girl doesn’t look like Ebba. Or maybe that’s the reason why it stayed just a sketch.


Week of pigs: Thursday

At first I wanted to draw a giant forest hog, but I don’t know what happened …

There are more people who are drawing piggies this week! Anders Skoglund, Stef Gaines, Lisa Medin, Lisa Ewald, and probably even more! Whee!

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