Förberedelser inför Göteborgs seriefestival :3

Bye bye Berlin ...

Hejdå Berlin!

Kvällen innan mitt flyg till Göteborg kopierade jag upp en jävla massa fanzin i min favoritcopyshop nära Eberswalder Straße (“Vildsvinsskogsgatan” – ursprungligen en väg som ledde till staden Eberswalde norr om Berlin [där jag förstås skulle vilja bo]).

Special Edition: Göteborgs seriefestival

Sen bigade jag och sydde och skar till dem här hemma hos min mamma. Eftersom jag inte orkade släpa med mig min feta häftapparat sydde jag fanzinen istället. Så om du nånsin köper ett fanzin av mig som är sytt med röd och blå tråd vet du att det ursprungligen var specialgjort för Göteborgs seriefestival. :3

"The muggers" zine!

Jag hade egentligen hoppats på att ha Tunguska #10 klar nu, men så ville det sig inte … V`(oo)´V

Dock var jag med på 24-timmarsserien i Berlin förra helgen, och producerade The Muggers — den hafsigaste serien jag nånsin tecknat!! Whee … Det märks att jag ritade de 32 sidorna på bara 17 timmar — bland annat så har sidorna 12 och 13 nästan identisk layout, vilket är extra bra i och med att de är på samma uppslag. Dock är storyn inte alls dålig (den får i alla fall mig att skratta ihjäl mig).

Jag tecknade den på engelska, och hann inte översätta den till svenska, men det kanske inte hindrar folk från att vilja läsa den … :3

Göteborgs seriefestival går av stapeln på torsdag nästa vecka på Blå Stället i Angered (kulturcentrum och gymnasieskola i ett). Det torde komma ett schema med alla workshops, seriebattles, presentationer och paneldiskussioner snart.

Under alla dagar (torsdag-lördag) kommer det definitivt att vara fanzin- och bokmarknad (i matsalen), och där hittar du mig! Jag kommer att sälja mina fanzin och så klart även min bok Eva ♥ Asbesthjärtan.

Dessutom kommer jag att ställa ut en del av kapitel 9 i min serie Drivgods — mer än vad som har publicerats hittills på nätet, och dessutom på svenska. :3

Det känns helt sjukt och jätteroligt att delta i en seriefestival på mitt gamla gymnasium. V^(oo)^V

Hello Mr. Yellow!

Annars hänger jag mest bara med min morsa och hennes katter, och jobbar med mina dayjobs härifrån.

Mr. Yellow waiting for dinner ...

Tinet’s event schedule – winter 2011

12th-13th of November: 24h Comics Marathon Berlin
In a haze of coffee and club mate, we’ll draw our asses off at lashopp in Friedrichshain, from noon to noon!

24th-26th of November: Gothenburg Comics Festival
I will partake in this festival in my favourite part of my favourite Swedish city with a small exhibition, featuring part of the final chapter of Driftwood. That comic is quite significantly influenced by the period when I lived in Hjällbo and went to high school in the same building complex where the festival is held. I’ll also sell some books and zines to the unsuspecting audience.

Late December: Still nameless “dinner performance” at Figo, Berlin
The Elmgren family will unite, with technical and emotional support by Ilan Katin, in a performance that speaks to all the five human senses. (And maybe also the 6th sense!?) We will serve a three course dinner of traditional food from three ethnic minorities of Finland, accompanied by an audiovisual performance in three chapters. Our arts, textile and book binding crafts and comics will be exhibited and for sale. More details to follow!

The Gothenburg Book Fair

The Gothenburg Book Fair is the main event for the publishing industry and its readership in Sweden. I don’t go every year, but this year I was invited to talk and perform.

Lenin comes every year, to promote a very special hotel in Varberg, which is full of books and Soviet memorabilia (including an exact replica of the interior of a bath house in Petersburg that Lenin liked to frequent).

(Continue reading …)

Tinet’s festival schedule fall 2011

24th-25th of September: Gothenburg Book Fair
On Saturday, the 24th, at 17.00-17.45 I shall partake in a comics battle!
On Sunday, the 25th, at 13.00-13.45, I will discuss comics and the Swedish child pornography laws together with Magnus Knutsson, Maria Abrahamsson and Fredrik Strömberg.
And right after that, on Sunday at 14.00-14.45, I will talk about self-published comics with Stef Gaines and several other Swedish self-published comics people.
All of the events will happen at the comics scene, Seriescenen, located at A02:39!

1st-23rd of October: Fanzines! Festival, Paris
I won’t be there personally, but among the hundreds of zines from all over the world in the exhibition are all the comics zines I’ve ever made! All the zines will remain in the collection of the Marguerite Duras public library after the festival, which will make it one of the coolest libraries ever.

24th-26th of November: Gothenburg Comics Festival
I will partake in this festival in my favourite part of my favourite Swedish city with a small exhibition, featuring part of the final chapter of Driftwood. That comic is quite significantly influenced by the period when I lived in Hjällbo and went to high school in the same building complex where the festival is held. I’ll also sell some books and zines to the unsuspecting audience. (It would be cool if I could have the final issue of my zine Tunguska ready by then, but knowing me and my work ethics I won’t promise anything yet …)

Live drawing at the release party for Serier mot rasism

Last Friday was the release party for Comics Against Racism, a comics anthology that I have the great honour of being part of. Ilan and I offered to do live drawing at the release party. Malmö is so close that we took the morning bus there, drew, and then took the next morning bus back home. Whee!

When we arrived, I got lost, as I always do in Malmö (even during all the years when I lived in southern Sweden and visited Malmö many times). Malmö has new science fiction railway stations, and nowadays you can get off the Denmark trains already at Triangeln. Since I have also gotten used to Berlin’s enormous distances, I was convinced that NOOO, Möllevången CAN’T be that close!!!

So I dragged along Ilan on a long walk in a circle around the entire neighbourhood Möllevången, where we were supposed to go. Maybe I was intuitively drawn to this building:

Vattentornet, Malmö, Sweden
(Photo by Ilana2010 on Flickr)

The water tower that the locals call “kuken” (the dick), as Sofia Lindh later informed us. There were lots of hot hairy guys playing with balls around the base of the dick when we walked past there. :3

In the end we went to an internet cafe full of hairy uncles and checked the map, and realised how close we had been to our destination the whole time, as Malmö is in fact a quite small city. Duuuh.

We checked out the final exhibition of the Malmö comics school, and there we also came across Henri Gylander, who recommended for us to go to the lovely Anarchist book store Amalthea bokkafe, where they had delicious vegan food, wifi, and also a little release party for the latest issue of Mattias Elftorp’s comic Piracy is Liberation. There was even a nice doggie.

Eventually we went back to the venue, Restaurang Bodoni, and set up the Tagtool. Bizarrely enough, we had no technical problems whatsoever. So we started to draw a bit, and at some point people turned on the lights and cleaned up, and we were, like, “What, is it already over?”

I totally lose my mind when I’m drawing, and since we for some reason didn’t take any breaks at all, I pretty much didn’t notice that there actually were other people in the room.

Så, öh, jag vill be om ursäkt till alla underbara människor som jag totalt ignorerade … FÖRLÅT! (T_T)

Here are some photos and screenshots of what we drew:

The wild piggy who loves to ride his scooter. But traditionally it’s a sport for domesticated piggies, and the domesticated piggies who ride scooter ridicule and despise the wild piggy and tell him he can’t ride at all …

The hypno toad

The piggy in the tree house

The piggy in the hammock

The cosmonaut piggy

Okay, you get the pigture …

Ilan drew, too, but I’m so egocentric that I totally forgot to make any screencaps of his stuff as I animated it. :o(

The by far most fun part of the bus trip, which went partly across the sea on a ferry, was that the Russian school ship Sedov was docked in Rostock!!! ♥

Note the sailors working in the rig …

This is what I looked like for hours after seeing Sedov, both on the way out and on the way home.

* * *

Big (pig) thanks to Sofia Lindh, Henri Gylander, Emelie Stigwan and Robert Pettersson for putting together this anthology, especially to Henri for being excited about our live drawing and Sofia for wonderful tea and conversations as we hung out a bit, before we took the train back to catch our bus in Copenhagen. Piggy thanks also to Frida Ulvegren and her stand-up comedy with an “Argh! Nooo!” kind of humour, as well as the bands Slag Från Hjärtat and Mango Bi Family and DJ Joakim Derlow, who provided challenging topics for which to draw (piggies).

5. Tagtool Session at Café Wendel

Andreas Dzialocha talked me into doing some live drawing with the tagtool at Café Wendel, where they have a regular event (once a month) that brings together tagtool artists and musicians for improvised sessions.

Both me and Karotoons, who did the animation, had only used the tagtool maybe once before, and none of us had ever worked together or even met before, so it was really totally extreme improvisation. And lots of fun!

Getting started with the setup with Andreas Dzialocha and Roman Hagenbrock.

(All photos here were taken by Eija Elmgrén.)

There had been some problems with the tagtool box and tablet recognition, and my tablet didn’t work either, but one of the two backup tablets Andreas brought did. Phew! However, it lost the pressure sensitivity just before the performance begun. I figured I could just adjust my style to that …
(Continue reading …)

24h Comic – ENGAGE!

Okay, so last year I pledged that until the next December 9th I would draw 87 pages of comics. Right now I have 61 down, 26 to go. Obviously the best way to fulfill my pledge is to do a 24h comic.
Unless the weather will be terribly cold and she won’t have the heart to leave her poor half-feral cats alone in the cold, my mum will come visit me next weekend. So maybe it’s a good idea to do the 24h comic before she comes. Thus, I’ll be doing my best to draw 24 pages of comics in the 24 hours between 15:00 on December 1st and 15:00 on December 2nd.

If you are a crazy sick person you can stare at me all the time while I do it in this webcam stream. There is even a chat function so you can ask stupid questions and maybe I will answer if I feel like it.

* * *

Okay, I finished my 24 page comic at 11 AM. Whee, 24 pages in 20 hours! Big thanks to all the sick people who came by to stare at me as I struggled in front of the empty pages mocking me.

After I eat and sleep and maybe go out and play in the lovely snow I’ll scan the comic and we’ll se how it turned out. It seems a bit weird to me now, but my consciousness is also a bit weird from Club Mate overdose, so who knows.

Hmm, part of me actually thinks it’s a total waste to stop drawing now when I’m in such good drawing shape … :3 But I do think my health, albeit mortal, has to go before immortal Art. Because without Mortal Health, there can be no Immortal Art. Yes. I have not slept in 26 hours. But that’s not the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep.

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