Zines for the Finns

In preparation for Helsinki Comics Festival this weekend, I expanded my arsenal with three more English language zines!

I’ve been a bit lazy with the English paper comics. Previously I only had my two most recent 24 h comics as zines in English, White Nights and The Muggers.

Hourly Comics Day 2012 is obviously my hourly comic from this year. It was so epic and porcine that it had to be made into a zine.
16 pages, A6. V^(oo)^V

The Compass Rose is the long-awaited English translation of this (very) short spinoff story from Driftwood, about Aeron back when he was more confused. In spite of my “enormous nose” artistic phase at the time I drew it, it’s one of my prettier comics. Though when I look at it now I’m confounded that his ex-girlfriend looks so “Caucasian”, when she’s supposed to be of clearly African descent (but has albinism) … x_X White-washing my own characters, eh …
In any case I would really like to draw a much longer comic about her (as herself, not as his girlfriend).
12 pages, A5.

Yess, the latest and longest Eva story is now also in English! One night Eva is assaulted by some Nazi-Darwinists. She beats them to pulp and doesn’t think much of it, but what if it did lead to some disastrous consequences, after all? In this story, Eva – who normally prefers to be a “one woman army” – actually teams up with the hot gangster The Leopard, who collects the debts off Eva’s toyboy Ting Yay and his sister. But what will Ting Yay think about that??!!!
44 pages, A5.

I’ll be sharing a table with my eminent sister Ainur. We will also be selling Swedish Comic Sin 2 and 3 (I participated in #3, Ainur in both :3 ), and Ainur will have fabulous zines with her comic Goldenbird! And I guess we’ll also have some pins and maybe other little things.

We’ll be in the Small Press Heaven (Pienlehtitaivas). See you there …? V^(oo)^V

Tunguska #10!

80 sidor, A4, 40 kr!

I detta nummer publiceras sista kapitlet av Drivgods. Samtidigt kommer ju Drivgods även ut i en fet samlingsvolym, vilket kanske kan tyckas vara lite knäppt.

Men nu kan man i alla fall välja helt fritt om man vill ha fanzinet eller boken, och slipper utpressas till att köpa fanzinet först för att man inte kan hålla sig innan man får läsa fortsättningen på berättelsen, eller hela boken fast man redan har alla fanzinen med de föregående kapitlen … Fast man kan så klart köpa både fanzinet och boken, på en gång, nu med. V^(oo)^V

Det som finns i fanzinet och som inte finns i boken är ett omslag med pitbullterriern Emma, heta kravallgreker på sidan 3, lite skisser (inklusive fanservice!!! :3), och åtta sidor fotografier och historik om Gateshead i norra England, där detta kapitel utspelar sig. Sen är ju även själva serien tryckt i större format än i boken.

24 h comics exhibition at Lashopp in Friedrichshain

The shop/workshop/gallery Lashopp, where we did the 24 h comic marathon last year, has a little exhibition right now with the results of our madness.

On Sunday there was a combined party for both the exhibition and the shop’s one year anniversary …

The Mugger [displayed]

Not only my 24 h comic, The Muggers, but also all my other zines in English and German are for sale at Lashopp now.

Reading hanging comics

Most of the participants brought their 24 h comics in one form or another, and we displayed them nicely suspended from the ceiling, easy to read. Parties where you can read lots of comics are the best parties. :3

Krippa, Guest, Tinet

Crippa introduced me (and my comics) to a nice syndicalist friend from Sweden.

Me in comic form

Some artists implemented the setting of us drawing 24 h comics into their comics. Unfortunately I forgot the name of this artist, who has a very cool realistic style here …

Me in comic form

And Mawil, perhaps the most “pro” of us all, did a little report about it for Tagesspiegel afterwards. You can read it here!

Me in comic form

Somewhere in the hazy sleepless morning hours, when I had finished my comic already, Mawil was looking at all the other people’s comics. Somehow he got all nervous when he saw I was already finished, and was dissing it, “What, they just talk all the time???!!!” – “Well, that IS a very efficient style!!!!” Heh … His comic is pretty awesomepants, so there really was no need to get nervous … :op

(All photos by Ilan Katin)

Штурмовщина on SPX11

Stockholm Small Press Expo is coming soon! It’s my most favourite comics festival in the world, because it has been growing with me, always being just the right size, and because of all the wonderful people involved – artists, publishers, enthusiasts and fans.

In a haze of coffee I am hurrying to finish Tunguska #9 in time for the festival. Last night and today I made the cover:

I’m also arranging a live drawing event at SPX together with Ilan, bringing live drawing with colours and animation capabilities to the Swedish comics scene. :3 More about that later …

I survived Stockholm SPX10

I wrote a long report about it in Swedish for the Epix blog, with lots of photos, too. You can check it out over there.

(Photo by Stef Gaines)

I sold my self-published comics zines and also represented my publisher Epix, sharing a table with Ainur and the Evil Mochi Dummy. My zines were perhaps a bit overshadowed by my “real book”, but that’s okay, I guess.

As always it was great fun, and since the festival just keeps getting better and better every year, it was more fun than ever before. Not least because I personally know more and more comix industry people every year, so I’m not nervous about going there anymore, like I was the first time I attended and didn’t know anyone.

Lots of amazing events and epic meetings took place, but they were all overtrumped by the totally astonishing discovery I made when the festival was over and we were packing our stuff: a secret admirer had left their underwear under my chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With pubic hair and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fancy underwear, too.

So I got a nice frame for them and will hang them in a special place on my wall. ♥

Thank you, Mr. Secret Admirer.

* * *

I got that frame from the Euro-Flohmarkt on Schönhauser Allee, near U2 Vinetastraße. It’s a really nice place, a big yard inside an old factory complex, with all kinds of crap, from millions of mugs over tools, rusty sewing machines and coal stoves to really very nice antique furniture and old doors, with very decent prices. There is an invisible doggie behind a wall who barks if you come too close to the wall. The people who run it are really nice, too, and when I also bought a pair of coffee cups the guy noticed that one of them was broken, and went to find me two even nicer ones.

I first tried to find a frame at the hipster heaven at the Sunday market in Mauerpark, but the only frames in the right size I could find came with stupid paintings or lithographies and were priced at 25-50 € … Nooooo.

I actually noticed that nice junkyard yesterday when I was one of the 10.000 people – antifa and union activists, local politicians and not least regular residents of this neighbourhood, who drove out the couple hundreds of Neo-Nazis who had organized a demonstration on Bornholmer Straße, on Labour day of all days. They had planned to march about six kilometers, but after only a few hundred meters and massive opposition from counterdemonstrators and residents of the surrounding buildings, the police decided to turn them back and escort them out of Berlin.

Kein Sex mit Nazis

Police doggie


I have never been this proud to live in Prenzlauer Berg.

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