In honour of International Women’s Day, …

… here are some of my favourite paintings ever. Some can be clicked for larger view.

Building New Workshops, A. Deineka 1929.

Ever Higher, S. Ryagina 1934.
I used to have a photocopy of this on my wall, but I’ve lost it somewhere along all my relocations …

Bridge Builders, A. Belyh 1985.

The Village Postwoman, F. Shapaev 1960.

Warm Day, A. Levitin 1957.

Along the Construction Sites Outside Moscow, A. Deineka 1949.

In the Kitchen, Yu. Kugach 1958.

Motherhood (doggie and human!), N. I. Andropov, 1980.

The Seagull (Portrait of V. Tereshkova), A. Mazitov.

All of these paintings and many more can be viewed in this wonderful gallery of Soviet art.

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